Why we need to stop rote, chalk and talk; Changing the way India is taught – The NEWSMinute

1 year ago
XSEED’s solution is a practical teaching toolkit for a school to educate any child based on a scientific five-step learning process: by Shilpa S Ranipeta, thenewsminute.com, Friday, July 07, 2017
“For all children to become confident thinkers and skilled problem solvers who succeed in 21st century workplaces, the “rote-chalk-and-talk” way of teaching prevalent inside classrooms has to change. XSEED takes every concept taught to children, say properties of air, and breaks down into five simple steps,” says Ashish.

The five-step process includes making the objective clear to children, conduct a hands-on activity to experience it, encouraging questioning to grasp the concept better, apply this knowledge to a real-life challenge, and finally assess what children learn.