4 months ago

A transformation to foster creativity – The Parevartan Story

Parevartan School was started in 2003 with a strong vision to impart education for change. As students and the school grew, the management saw a need for a curriculum which fosters curiosity, creativity, and self-inquiry.

Parevartan School partnered with XSEED 10 years ago to implement a curriculum that built skills and conceptual understanding among children while promoting creativity and independent thinking in them. As an institution, Parevartan focuses heavily on developing values and well-rounded personalities among children. XSEED’s experiential learning curriculum, with a focus on communication, creativity and collaboration helped Parevartan strongly pursue their vision.

Ms. Vinu Chaudhuri, Chairperson of Parevartan School states that school saw a significant leap in learning outcomes. XSEED’s curriculum engages the students in learning, “promotes self-inquiry, curiosity and creativity, and thus results in the perfect alignment between teachers, students and parents”. She adds, “To exceed our own benchmarks, set by our own selves, XSEED is the answer.”

“Parevartan, our First School in Ghaziabad, epitomes XSEEDs Vision of creating bold children who are smart and think creatively. The school management has ensured XSEED’s lesson plan are implemented in the best possible way and classrooms are  transformed to cheerful learning spaces by effective using XSEED’s methodology”, says Rahul Gupta, Regional Executive Office for UP region.