3 months ago

Building a stronger teacher-student relationship – The Cheran Vidhyalaya Story

Cheran Vidhyalaya opened to humble beginnings in the Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu in June 2000. The school opened to only 45 students and 5 staff members, with a vision to become an institution that doesn’t just impart knowledge, but also moral values and all-round development of students.

Cheran Vidhyalaya was faced with many challenges as it looked to expand its reach in the initial years. The school claims to have had unfriendly teaching methods that left the student and teacher relationship strained. Students were not developing strong conceptual understanding, which was making parents unhappy. “The biggest problem that teachers had was involving students in learning. Teachers were desperate to motivate their children to raise questions in the class”, whereas the classes either ended up being either “silent or noisy and unruly”.

XSEED Education associated with Cheran Vidhyalaya 6 years ago to help them nurture learning in their school. The XSEED curriculum helped students get better engaged, teachers understand, define and execute their role better and improve the day to day functioning of the school. “Teachers are happy as they realize their role in the classroom and they are not instructors anymore, but facilitators. Senior teachers could train the newly recruited teachers easily”. The school claims that students have now started liking classes, teachers now enjoy teaching more and “unlike other matric schools [Cheran Vidhyalaya] is able to grow the student strength”.

“Cheran Vidyalaya is a school where XSEED is implemented in its true spirit. Mrs. Thilagam introduced XSEED to the school at a time when she was facing multiple classroom challenges like motivating teachers and encouraging children. She found XSEED to be a strong enabler as she personally led the change in learning methodologies in the school. The progress that Cheran Vidhyalaya makes every year gives us immense pride in the mission we work for and we look forward to many more successful years with Cheran Vidhyalaya”, says shamin sahar, Regional Executive Office to the school.