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    2 Million+ Students
    1,00,000+ Teachers
    1,000+ Schools

    Delivering Strong
    Education Outcomes
    For 10+ Years

    Driven By Experts
    Powered By Technology
    Join the extraordinary league of XSEED Schools.

      I am a School Owner / School LeaderI am a ParentI am a Teacher

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      When schools choose XSEED, the most complete
      school management system, their students become
      lifelong learners and develop a solid foundation for success.


      - Worlds best teaching app & academic planner
      - Teach & manage online or on-campus classes easily
      - Powerful digital content for the most engaging lessons

      - Connecting parents, teachers & school management
      - Complete insight of the teachers progress
      - Complete insight of the childs learning & performance
      - Includes essential features of a school management system

      - Best test preparation tool for entrance exams
      - Measures critical thinking & problem solving
      - Powerful report card with details by subjects & skills

      - For teachers, academic leadership & school management
      - Professional development, support & certification
      - Proven, practical, hands-on, demonstration-based

      - For all test types & for all major subjects (Pre-K to 8)
      - 100000+ questions for unlimited test papers
      - Aligned with skills & demands of the 21st century

      - Books, workbooks and reading material for all student needs
      - Develops conceptual understanding & problem-solving
      - Advance English language & literacy skills

      The #1 Global Innovation Partner

      The new XSEED is a technology enabled, curriculum and pedagogy oriented school management system. It also serves as a complete learning management system for all student and teacher needs.

      The New XSEED has been developed keeping the actual needs of a school in mind. Needs that we have personally experienced while closely working with 1000+ schools over the last 10 years. It is a perfect amalgamation of essential features of an ERP, LMS, Smartclass and other school management software.

      The XSEED System

      is an integrated curriculum, teacher training, and assessment program for K-8 school education.

      Headquartered in Singapore

      the XSEED program aligns with international standards including syllabus of various boards. The XSEED Method has been implemented by schools across India, the Philippines, Dubai, Riyadh, Qatar, Nepal, and Oman.

      Founded by Harvard Alumni

      Developed by a team from Harvard, Cambridge, MIT, and IIM Ahmedabad.

      XSEED replaces knowledge-transmission or "teaching as telling" approach

      with an inquiry-based, constructivist approach that uses hands-on activities, followed by reflection and feedback.

      With XSEED Method You Can Be Sure

      This time-tested, and research-based method ensures learning, and success are not a matter of chance but a predictable result.

      XSEED Method is the secret

      behind the success of students and teachers. The five steps - when actually followed - make all the difference.

      Highly researched, tried, and tested

      Proven again and again over time that the XSEED Method simply delivers the best learning results.

      It’s simple, and complete

      Every period on the timetable runs this way. Everyday! All resources are linked to this. All tests are linked to this.

      Structured learning goals

      curated activities, and prompts increase in student questioning and participation. Practices, and assessments reinforce learnings.