3 months ago

Schools meet to further STEM Education in India with MAX STEM Leaders’ Club 2018

XSEED Education has taken the initiative to bolster awareness and penetration of STEM skills and learning in school education across India with the MAX STEM Leaders’ Clubs. Team leaders from XSEED and MAX have so far visited 6 cities and met over 200 school leaders who joined hands to bring the revolution of digital learning and STEM centered education in India.

The MAX STEM Leaders’ Club has been founded by the MAX team at XSEED Education, in efforts to recognize and resolve the lack of awareness of what STEM learning in classrooms really means. “While there has been much talk about STEM Learning at conferences and online portals in India, it has ended up becoming more of a buzz word than an idea which is internalized and effectively implemented by educators, especially at the school education level. The MAX STEM Leaders’ Club is our initiative to physically walk across the country and begin meaningful conversations with schools about the what, why and how of effectively implementing a technology driven STEM learning program in schools.”, says Neetasha Joshi, India Country Manager and Business Head at XSEED.

The club’s focus is to bring together selected school leaders who show a progressive approach towards learning in their schools and want to know more about preparing their students for the 21st century. MAX STEM Leaders’ Club facilitates a mutual learning and growing environment, where like-minded school leaders bond over shared goals and are able to stay in touch with the latest trends in education technology. The gathering discusses the relevance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) as skills that are essential to succeed in the 21st century with businesses banking on innovation and adaptability. The sessions at the Club are led by XSEED leaders who share insights on the following:

  1. The importance of 21st Century Skills to succeed in competitive exams like NEET, JEE, and Olympiads
  2. Developing an actionable blueprint for implementing STEM Learning in schools
  3. Effectively blending educational technology with hands-on learning and practice
  4. Role of school leaders in effective program implementation
  5. Implementing XSEED MAX to address the above needs

XSEED has been working on the ground level in the school education space for more than 10 years with over 1 million children across 8 countries. It has been rigorously researching in education technology for over 3 years and has developed its own e-learning product MAX.

School leaders at the event get a chance to see MAX in action as it builds 21st century skills, conceptual understanding and confidence while delivering lessons in the class. A full demo class is conducted for schools with students to see the power of bringing together STEM learning and The XSEED Method with MAX. Schools are also able to meet existing schools who have succeeded in improving school results and student engagement with MAX.

The MAX STEM Leaders’ Club is open for school leaders from all parts of India. To experience how STEM skills can empower your students and become a part of the exclusive MAX STEM Leaders’ Club, please write to customer@xseededucation.com.