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Transformation with the XSEED Curriculum Manual – The Rashtriya Academy Story

Rashtriya Academy School, 7 years ago, was struggling with students scoring inconsistently across subjects as they heavily depended on the quality and method of teaching that individual teachers practiced in class. With the lack of a structure in imparting and receiving learning in classes, teachers relied on the limited time they got to complete the syllabus and tried their best to help students succeed.

Rashtriya Academy School partnered with XSEED Education to fight daily challenges that they were facing in the school. Seven years on, with a strong partnership, school owner Mr. Thirumurthy says, “With time and support from XSEED, we overcame all the challenges over time.” XSEED brought a well-researched, structured and uniform approach to learning in classrooms that brought consistency in the quality of learning that took place in every subject, class and with every teacher.

With the 1500+ students that Rashtriya Academy teaches every day, Mr Thirumurthy says “We have seen positive changes in parents and students”. Where it was challenging to convince parents and teachers to adopt a new learning curriculum, over time the community has accepted and responded to the XSEED program very well.

“We have uniformity in classrooms, and we need not worry about the structure and monitoring of learning. With XSEED’s teacher lesson plans, teachers are well equipped.” Mr Thirumurthy added, “Anybody can be a teacher with the XSEED curriculum manual.”