5 months ago

XSEED conducts SKY 2018 for school leaders

XSEED Education conducted SKY 2018 – a leadership workshop and a professional networking event in November. The event was conducted in a unique format which brought together XSEED partner schools and non-XSEED schools for sessions with senior XSEED leaders.

The event was conducted in Hyderabad, Chennai and Delhi, where over 220 schools participated from 25 cities. Schools got a chance to listen to 4 eminent speakers and thought leaders, from the education and business sectors, including Ashish Rajpal – Founder & CEO of XSEED Education. They spoke about their journey and motivated school leaders to become school leaders with a strong vision for growth.

The 2-day event engaged partner schools in growth strategies on the first day. The second day had non-XSEED schools engage in leadership sessions with partner schools, which gave them a chance to get to know XSEED, its implementation and impact first hand.

Speakers at the event included:

Mr. Vijay Shukla:

Vijay is the founder and Managing Partner of Eduvisors, a leading education sector focused business consulting and research services firm. He is also on the management team of the Indus World Schools – a growing chain of K-12 schools in North India. Vijay has led several projects in the K-12, higher education and skill development space.

He spoke about the opportunities that exist for schools to grow in terms of business and also in terms of the impact they are able to create for students, teachers and parents.

Mr. Pradeep Mittal:

Pradeep is a successful technology entrepreneur, venture capitalist and philanthropist. After a decade long stint in IBM USA, Pradeep moved to India and founded successful IT companies Goose Technologies and Magna Infotech. As an active Member of Hyderabad Angels, he educates and invests in ventures led by aspiring entrepreneurs. As a Member on Advisory Board of Truth Labs NGO, he volunteers for marketing services to victims of crime and injustice through awareness and education. Pradeep serves on the Board of Governors of IIIT and is passionate about education.

He spoke about the role and importance of technology in school education to make information easily available. He also discussed how it is time for schools to adapt to the advancements in the education sector and enable continuous learning for children.

Mr. Sunder Ramaswamy:

Sunder is the Vice Chancellor of Krea University (www.krea.edu.in) located in Sri City, near Chennai. He is also teaches at the Middlebury College (Vermont), where he is a Distinguished College Professor of International Economics.

He spoke about the need for schools to get better at preparing students for lifelong learning instead of preparing them only for academic tests. He discussed how the world of tomorrow will need more than the knowledge of the 3Rs (Reading, ‘Riting, ‘Rithmetic). It will also need skills of Problem Solving, Creativity, Communication and Collaboration.