2 years ago

XSEED kicks off ‘Yatra’ across 4 states in Southern India – Business Today

Speaking on the effectiveness of XSEED and its impact, Mrs. Sumalini, Principal, Silicon City Academy of Secondary Education, Bangalore said, “Traditional education is teaching children for the jobs that may not exist in the future. Qualifications are not enough; abilities have to be developed in children. With XSEED, concepts are understood well, real skills are developed, and the child is able to apply these in everyday life.

” Speaking on the importance of ‘Yatra’, Mr. Rajpal further added, “The 4 southern states i.e. Tamil Nadu, AP, Telangana and Karnataka have embraced XSEED better than any other region in India. While a quarter of our million students on XSEED program come from Tamil Nadu, we have about 100 schools in greater Bangalore and about 300 across Karnataka. The annual ‘Yatra’ is our commitment to the schools for valuable exchange of feedback and support our learning curve in pursuing quality education. We believe in the cause of education and strive to support the national agenda of quality education in every way possible.”

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