4 months ago

XSEED Leaders embark on a Yatra to meet schools across India

Senior leaders from XSEED Education undertook a national Yatra in October where they visited over 25 schools across India. The Yatra was aimed at engaging with school leaders to share the XSEED experience and getting to know the day-to-day challenges the school faces.

The Yatra is an annual event that XSEED leaders undertake and is a part of XSEED’s efforts to solve real problems for teachers, students, and schools. The Yatra this year took over 2 weeks to complete where we found many stories of positive impact on learning and the motivation to work harder to improve school education.

A parent during the Yatra shared an anecdote of her daughter, who has become more curious since she’s started studying with XSEED. The parent said that her 6-year-old daughter asked her why she was going to the temple and if she could imagine what she would do when she’s there. It was surprising for the mother that her daughter knew what imagination meant. Upon asking, the child said that she imagines herself in stories that she reads at school every day.