2 years ago

XSEED Targets 10,000 Schools by 2020, Aims to Make kids Smart, Confident and Interested in Learning

XSEED is one of the many players who plan to change the path of learning for children at school from boring and tedious to interesting and fun.

The company recently launched XSEED-DX, a weekly digital learning class in Maths & Science based on the proven XSEED Method. With XSEED DX, students of Grades 1-8 go through a special class each week, which focuses on the most critical STEM concepts at elementary school level. Each year children focus on the 25 most critical power concepts science and math concepts. One concept at a time.

The company believes technology can and needs to do three things to be an effective learning tool for children. First, it must engage – its needs to include the student in the learning experience and not restrict them to be a “watcher” of “tell” lessons. Consistency is one great benefit of technology, but it must be a high-quality consistency. Second, personalized and high-frequency assessment and feedback are one of the most potent tools of technology. Third, it must be affordable and easy to use for the teacher. Young children will always need some adult guidance. The teacher will stay, her role will change.

The Singapore-based firm aims to expand its presence to 10,000 schools in India by 2020 from roughly 3,000 currently, its founder said. “In the old world, the ability to memorize stuff was very important. From memory, it’s moving to understanding things,” Ashish Rajpal, the firm’s founder, said on the sidelines of the conference.

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