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Introducing MAX

Finally, a classroom technology product that delivers results.

With MAX, every child can learn and love Math & Science.
MAX is a weekly digital learning class in Math & Science based on the proven XSEED method. With MAX, students of Grades 1-8 go through a special class each week, that focuses on the most critical STEM concepts at elementary school level. Each year children focus on the 25 most crucial Math and Science concepts – one concept at a time.

If you want to max Maths and Science, get MAX in your school.

It works: Children are just not watching digital content, but actively engaging with it, reflecting, and receiving assessment feedback.

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How it Works: Engaging Weekly Lesson. Monthly Assessment. No Internet.

XSEED Mini-Campus

MAX is powered by the XSEED Mini-Campus – a little “magic box” of sorts that utilises whatever existing hardware there is in the school. It is plug-n-play application that does not need the internet for daily use. It is designed to work in schools of all sizes and in any part of the country. Even a school with just one computer and one projector can use MAX.

MAX Journal

Each student gets 2 MAX journals, one for Math and one for Science, which ensure that written practice is not neglected. The journals have specially designed worksheets that guide students to reflect, solve problems, and write their responses to the
in-class assessment.

Parent Report App

Students take a monthly test in school and parents get a regular update, on the XSEED Parent App, which shows the progress of their child. What is unique about the report is that it shows how the child is doing on Skill Development – Conceptual Understanding and Problem Solving. The report also shares very specific feedback on strengths and areas in which the child may need development.

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