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Over 61,000 XSEED students from 21 states overcome post-COVID learning crisis; show 31% Y-O-Y improvement

Findings show an impressive 31% year-on-year post-COVID improvement in same-student performance; 30% in English, 26% in Math, 39% in Science and an impressive 47% in Communication Skills at the annual XSEED Learnometer Skill Test 2022

New Delhi: January 05, 2023 – At a time when school-going children are still reeling from the pandemic-induced education gap, XSEED, the Singapore-based proven teaching methodology that is mapped to all boards including CBSE, ICSE, state boards and international syllabi, has enabled students emerge from this massive learning crisis as more informed, confident, and well-rounded individuals. XSEED has served over 2 million Nursery to Grade 8 students in over 20 states in India.

The recent findings of the XSEED Learnometer Skills Test 2022 — one the largest and most comprehensive skills-based tests taken by school children in India — found that students learning the XSEED programme showed a remarkable post-COVID learning improvement of over 31% same student improvement in overall scores versus last year. Further, the XSEED kids showed a 30% improvement in English, over 26% in Math and over 39% in Science over last year.

The XSEED Learnometer Test is a 90-minute (grades 1-3) to a 120-minute (grades 4-8) computer-based annual exam and is generally considered a more difficult test than the traditional ones as it requires students to apply their knowledge rather than just recall facts and formulas.
In addition to the three main subjects, the test also assessed students on three core thinking skills — Conceptual Understanding, Problem Solving, and Communication — and found that improvement in the communication skills of these kids was the highest at 47%.

Further, in the demanding middle-school years (grades 6,7,8), XSEED Students do 21% better compared to non-XSEED students. This superior performance is underpinned by better mastery in Communication skills (+22%) in English and better Conceptual Understanding (+29%) than their peers.

“We are delighted to see the very encouraging direction of these results which tell us that XSEED is putting the ‘Ed’ in Edtech. Parents have been rightly concerned about the COVID learning loss, but these results demonstrate that at least for XSEED students, there is a recovery underway. Importantly, XSEED students in the higher-grades have shown a 20% superior performance versus peers which underscores their readiness for the board exams and the value in investing in the child’s educational foundation. We will continue to expand this study and make it even richer and more robust” said Ashish Rajpal, Founder XSEED Education, Harvard alumnus, and former student of the world renown educator Dr Howard Gardner.

The XSEED academic programme is a research-based teaching methodology that is deployed in schools. It improves conceptual thinking & grasp of children, strengthens English language expression, and enhances confidence.

Since its international launch in 2014, XSEED has served 2 million children in over 220 districts and more than 20 states across India and has been deployed in eight countries including India, Philippines, and the Middle East.


XSEED Education is a Singapore based education system that improves thinking skills and problem-solving skills in children thereby making them more confident and ready for the 21stcentury workplace. Its flagship school program has reached close to two million children, upskilled, and certified over 100,000 teachers, in thousands of schools and has been deployed in eight countries including India, Philippines, and the Middle East. In 2020, XSEED launched XSEED SuperTeacher, a first-of-a-kind fully loaded teaching & learning app for teachers that can be used in both physical and online classes. The World Innovation Summit in Education (WISE) & MIT’s Legatum Center has featured XSEED among path-breaking global innovators in education.

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