Thank you for your participation at The XSEED Conference 2021.  The XSEED Charter for educators and schools was released during the conference. We received an overwhelming response from educators and schools across the country and look forward to working with your school.  You can keep in touch with XSEED via…

Preparing children for success is one of the biggest responsibilities of parents and schools. Success comes not from overwhelming children with pressure or educational resources, but instead from building the right foundation in a scientific and systematic manner in the elementary years.

To do this, parents and school leaders must make the right choices. In the 21st century post-Covid world, these choices become even more important.

Join us at The XSEED Conference (India Edition) to make sense of these choices and find concrete, practical solutions. Hear from specialists, educators, parents, teachers, and school management who have experienced this success. This 2.5-hour online conference is open to all and will feature knowledgeable speakers, enriching exhibits, and opportunities to build an education network.

A highlight of the conference is the keynote address delivered by XSEED founder, Ashish Rajpal, a renowned educator and Harvard alumni who pioneered the XSEED Method of teaching and learning. Drawing from XSEED’s rich experience, he will share guidelines for parents, teachers, and school management on the building blocks of success for students.


AUG 7, 2021

Ashish Rajpal

Ashish quit his international corporate career in Paris to pursue his passion in education and founded XSEED. Based on his research and teaching experiences he developed the XSEED Method of learning and led the creation of its K-8 program from scratch. Based out of Singapore, Ashish chairs the XSEED board and is deeply involved in the R&D and innovation. His contributions to education have been documented as case studies by the MIT Legatum Center and The World Innovation Summit in Education (WISE). Ashish has an Ed.M. from Harvard Graduate School of Education, and an MBA from XLRI. When he can he runs, teaches grade 4 science, and treks in the mountains.

Nick Edwards

Nick Edwards is an international educator with extensive curriculum design and teaching experience across multiple countries in Asia and North America. Nick studied at Carleton College and holds a Master's degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Nick leads the academic content work at XSEED and is based out of its Singapore headquarters.

Melanie Grobler

Melanie Grobler, the Editor-In-Chief at XSEED, is based in South Africa. She is a seasoned materials developer and assessment specialist with a wide range of experience in education. Melanie has served as a national examiner for the South African Board exams and has worked as a teacher, university lecturer, teacher trainer, and education manager.

Sashikala Imchen

Sashikala Imchen is the Founder of the Maple Tree School in Nagaland. An MBA from XLRI with over 17 years of corporate experience at Eicher & PricewaterHouseCoopers Pvt. Ltd., she manages the academic program of the Maple Tree School.

Raissa Calunsag

Raissa Calunsag is the Regional Education Coach for XSEED Philippines. A former preschool owner, she also developed reading and writing curriculum in English and Filipino for tutorial centers catering to students from K to University level. She studied Psychology at Ateneo de Manila University and holds an MA in Special Education from De La Salle University.

Er.M.C. Abilash

Er.M.C. Abilash is the Director of the Sri Aurobindo Mira group of schools. An engineer by training, he is a passionate edupreneur who has achieved a global reputation for his Institutions. He has woven a tight-knit community with parents, and remains committed to bringing success and mastery to teachers and students.

Gunmeet Bindra

Gunmeet Bindra is an accomplished educationist with 34 years of experience in teaching and school administration. An alumnus of the Delhi School of Economics and Calcutta University, Dr. Bindra has served on the CBSE Governing Body and been awarded the CBSE National Award in 2014. She is currently the Director and Principal of Delhi Public School, Rajpura.

Jyotsna Sharma

Throughout her career in progressive education, Jyotsna has come to believe that effective teaching lies at the heart of solving all educational challenges. Jyotsna holds a Bachelor of Elementary Education from Delhi University, and a Masters and M.Phil in Education. She’s passionate about teaching mathematics and is herself a skilled maths teacher.

Anju Dhillon

Anju Dhillon is an accomplished, Early Childhood educator and content specialist who brings student-centred, inquiry-led pedagogy into all her work. An expert in the XSEED Method, she currently leads the authoring team at XSEED.

Megha Rawat

Learner, teacher, coach, traveller, thinker and implementer. Megha holds an M.A in Elementary Education from the Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai and experience in learning environments across the length and breadth of India.

Bidisha Banerji

Currently a General Manager at XSEED, Bidisha has held roles across business development, teacher and leadership education, talent management, advocacy, special projects and communications at XSEED Education.


Jairam is studying at NIT Trichy, where he continues to pursue his passion for science and technology. He studied with the XSEED Method at Hussain Memorial School.


Sri Aashrita is studying at IIT Varanasi and has aspirations to work in the field of aerospace. She studied with the XSEED Method at Silvermount International School.


Imcha is currently studying at St. Stephen's College where she is pursuing her interest in History. She studied with the XSEED Method at the Maple Tree School.

How is the XSEED Conference different from the XSEED Saturday seminars?

The XSEED Saturday Series is about technical matters which may be of interest to teachers or education leaders eg how to adapt to online teaching post pandemic, subject specific aspects of teaching & learning, how to use the Super Teacher etc

The XSEED Conference is about vision and the future of our children. How to set a long term vision on making children successful. What successful schools and parents have done about it. What are some of the practices that work and how to make a plan around success.


XSEED Education is a Singapore based education system that improves thinking skills and problem-solving skills in children, thereby making them more confident and ready for the 21st century workplace. XSEED’s pioneering school program has educated 2 million children and trained 100,000 teachers, in thousands of schools across countries.