2 years ago

An urgent injection of modern know-how and competent management is needed in school education- Ashish Rajpal quoted by the ET


Confidence is the most underestimated outcome of a quality education. It is often evident in the awareness of oneself, ability to speak one’s mind, and willingness to engage with difficult problems. These critical habits of the mind — ‘attitude’ — are cultivated by our environment in our early years.

The elite, oblivious, have it at home, while everybody else needs school to do the job. Traditionally, in the business of imparting knowledge to a few, schools are now tasked with building 21st-century skills for every child. Most schools are unable to do this job well.

90% of Indians entering the workforce are unemployable. This is not just because government schoolchildren in Grade 5 can’t read Grade 2-level material, or do simple addition sums. It is because even the armies of children who have fled to private schools are unable to do much more.

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