3 years ago

Weekly Teacher Training & Motivation Sessions every Saturday

Today in an oversubscribed live session several thousand educators across countries experienced the power of XSEED. XSEED Education’s academic leaders ran a thrilling and engaging demonstration how to run a great elementary school class online. They showed teachers  how to use the XSEED Method of teaching & learning on Zoom. The barrage of questions from participants revealed an undeniable truth : this is now the new normal.

In his address, XSEED Founder Ashish Rajpal said “Overnight technology has become the new lungs of education. However, pedagogy is the oxygen. Teaching well has become even more important, not less”

He elaborated, “The current unprecedented situation raises questions of three types: of survival and safety, of work and routine, and of values. Until a few weeks ago, technology in education was a luxury. But now bridging the digital divide becomes an important duty for every educator and school.  The XSEED Method ensures this interaction in meaningful and adds value.”

Parents, more than ever, will now appreciate the difference between ordinary and great teaching. XSEED Method teachers are now being equipped to teach lessons online. This change will make quality educators even more valuable.

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