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XSEED SuperTeacher Now Available In App Stores For Free Trial Download – Teach Any Child Anytime And Anywhere

Singapore based XSEED Education announces that the XSEED SuperTeacher, a fully loaded teaching and learning app that is the first of its kind in the world, is now available for free trial download to any teacher or parent via the Google Play Store and Apple App Store . The app is a much needed education solution for schools and parents looking for an innovative and effective tool that produces high-quality classes and learning results online, in face-to-face classrooms and at home.

XSEED SuperTeacher App, developed for grade schools and parents, is the best teaching and learning app

* Fully loaded with high-quality content. 10,000+ hours of PreK-8 lesson plans, assessment, professional development resources and multimedia learning content like videos and audios.

* Teach anytime and anywhere. Lessons can be projected from the teacher’s mobile or tablet to a screen in class or over video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet for online classes

* Each lesson is engaging and based on the revolutionary XSEED Method of learning and teaching, a proven methodology that makes every class interesting and full of learning.

Singapore and Bangalore, India, 26 April 2021 – XSEED Education Pte Ltd, a Singapore based leading K-12 education company, announced 2 months ago to partner schools worldwide the release of the XSEED SuperTeacher App, the world’s first teaching and learning app that can easily transform anyone into a ‘Super Teacher’. Now, the app is available for Free Trial Download to any teacher, any parent and anyone who is looking for an easy to use teaching and learning tool that simply delivers a better education system, builds better teaching and produces better learning results in children.

XSEED has been conducting live online walkthrough and hands-on demo sessions weekly for thousands of schools, teachers and parents to showcase not just the sheer volume of content that is within the app, but to demonstrate just how easy it is to provide high-quality teaching online, in-classrooms and at home with the XSEED SuperTeacher App in hand.

In the OECD Policy Responses to Coronavirus (COVID-19), it stated that, “The COVID-19 crisis has forced education systems worldwide to find alternatives to face-to-face instruction. As a result, online teaching and learning have been used by teachers and students on an unprecedented scale.” Mr Ashish Rajpal, Founder and CEO of XSEED Education, explained that, “when expectations are so high for a teacher and the hurdles are many, then she needs an impactful tool to make magic happen during her class.

Recognizing the responsibility as a global innovation partner to thousands of schools, tens of thousands of teachers, and millions of children, XSEED mounted an all-out response to this reality. “For those who have the ‘will’, XSEED gives you the ‘skill’ to become a ‘Super Teacher’. Conviction is built when you experience the power of the SuperTeacher App for yourself,” added Mr Rajpal. “Now it’s possible at your fingertips; at the click of an icon on your mobile!”

Over the past few weeks, as schools are starting to reopen across the world, positive feedbacks from schools and teachers have been received on how the XSEED SuperTeacher App, other than being easy and intuitive to use to conduct online classes, the app has also been able to guide and support high-quality teaching with clear learning goals and ample curated activities.

As the importance of teaching anytime, anywhere has become the need of the hour, XSEED has taken care to ensure that the designed the app include features that will make it easy for teachers to be able to prepare for classes anytime, anywhere as well. The XSEED Super Teacher App has built-in features designed to assist teachers to make teaching notes, to be able to seek help, and with easy access to teaching resources. The XSEED Super Teacher App aims to help teachers discover ways to inspire students and make learning an adventure every time.

The SuperTeacher App, is now available for Free Trial Download to anyone who would like to try their hands at becoming a ‘Super Teacher’ and experience the ease of uplifting in their teaching quality, and see first-hand for themselves how engaging students will be when teachers can focus on the content and discussions instead of technical execution. The SuperTeacher App is a pandemic-proof education tool that is designed to revolutionize teaching and learning.


Headquartered in Singapore, XSEED Education is founded on the passion to genuinely transform education globally for all children and built a high-quality team to do so. The World Innovation Summit in Education (WISE) featured XSEED among path-breaking global innovators in education in its Learning Re-Imagined publication. MIT’s Legatum Center has produced a case study for use in graduate courses on social entrepreneurship, on XSEED and its founder’s journey as an entrepreneur.

About the Founder: Ashish Rajpal quit a successful international corporate career in Paris to pursue his passion for children’s education. He invented the XSEED Method and personally led the creation of the program from scratch. Ashish chairs the XSEED board and is focused on innovation, global expansion, and partnerships. He has an Ed. M. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and teaches grade 4 science when he can.

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