2 years ago

XSEED School of Tomorrow Conference ‘Changing the approach’ – The Hindu

What would be your response if your child colours a mountain pink? Tendency, of course, is to correct the child right away. “Unfortunately only two out of hundred teachers try to know the reason behind such a colouring,” stated Priya Krishnan, CEO of Kids Learning and You. She was speaking as a panellist in ‘School of Tomorrow’ conference organised by XSEED, a company that works with elementary schools to improve learning abilities in children.

What’s the failure?

“What then are the loopholes of our current education system?” asked journalist Samar Haralnkar, moderator of the panel discussion. Rajat Chauhan, a doctor-turned-athlete, pointed out “Indian education system celebrates medal winners while in reality majority of the workforce is not from the tip of the excellence pyramid. Secondly,” he continued, “our degrees are over-rated. For instance, I train non-qualified people interested in sports medicine as physiotherapists. They are able to sense the body and learn the art quicker than physiotherapy graduates who have studied the subject for years. I need to first make them unlearn before teaching. Therefore, in my experience, marks and degrees need not be the hallmark of quality. But because they are given importance, in trying to win the race, students are losing the purpose of education.”

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